Get Your Life Back on Track in Salinas, CA

Get Your Life Back on Track in Salinas, CA

Your criminal defense lawyer advocates for collateral victims

Oftentimes, criminal law cases leave collateral victims behind. These are people who weren’t intended victims of the crime, but regardless they’re now dealing with its repercussions.

Family members and children are sometimes the victims of bad choices. Thelander Law helps people put their lives back together after a criminal charge in Salinas, CA. Mr. Thelaner takes a holistic approach to addressing the needs of victims within the defendant’s circle of family and friends. This may include:

  • Dealing with the legal issues of the defendant.
  • Helping the family find money to hire a criminal lawyer or investigator.
  • Demonstrating the value of hiring a criminal defense attorney.
  • Ensuring that the family makes decisions that are in their best interests.

Work with a criminal defense attorney who cares about the defendant and the family members affected by the defendant’s criminal charge. Call now to talk with Mr. Thelander about your legal situation.

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